ILYICH is a musician of an ambiguous origin, reincarnated in Kherson, Ukraine.

ILYICH performs live oscillating between popular electronic music, with soul and jazz, highly danceable modular synthesizer sets, discursive improvisation, and DJing. ILYICH performances and releases are interwoven with the Lot Radio and the Nervous Records in New York; Roskilde and Fusion Festivals; Gilles Peterson, the BBC 6 Music and the Serpentine Galleries in London; SAVVY Contemporary, House of the World Cultures and the Center for Contemporary Arts, Berlin; or Bergen Kunsthall, Norway among others.

The middle name ILYICH, which has disappeared from the artist's papers after leaving Ukraine as a refugee in the late 1990s, reappears as a fluid and semi-fictional identity during documenta14 in Athens in 2017, developing an entirely different set of cosmological and political coordinates through music, sound, visual arts, and theatre. Fearlessly interwoven with myth and the act of storytelling, this cosmic landscape invites the audience to unlearn familiar models and is driven by the vision to construct conditions for a unitive experience.