Concrete Listening Show | ILYICH


Ths show synthesises interviews of musicians and artists intuitively connected through jazz, soul, house, funk, electronic, experimental and improvisation-based music.

Understanding listening as a generative act carrying the agency and the intention of the listener, ILYICH points towards challenges and resolutions that are simultaneously practical and theoretical, empirical and conceptual, literal and metaphorical, mystical and material, collective and individual, mundane and extraordinary.


  • Col. Bruce Hampton - On Music, Middle Grounds and Listening

  • Oteil Burbridge - Butterfly by Herbie Hancock

  • ILYICH - Raqs

  • Emma-Jean Thackray - Movementt

  • Max Graef - Jazz 104

  • Ziggy Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange - Green Eyes

  • Alice Coltrane - On Meditation and Truth

  • George Duke - Liberated Fantasies

  • ILYICH - Portal 04

  • Tania Maria - Yatra-Tá

  • Victor Wooten - On Coming Home and Inspiration in Reverse

  • Victor Wooten - The Lesson

  • Victor Wooten - Norwegian Wood

  • Sun Ra with Nu Sounds - Chicago USA

  • Peven Everett - Stuck

  • ILYICH - Love and Light feat. Olivia Lucy Phillip and Enlery

  • Marshall Allen - On Space Music, Enlightenment and Better World (overimprovisation)


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