Concrete Listening Show | ILYICH


Concrete Listening Show synthesises words spoken by musicians and artists intuitively connected through jazz, soul, house, electronic, experimental, and improvisation-based music.

Concrete Listening Show on the 17th of March 2023 transmits words of James Baldwin, Gary Peacock, Jaco Pastorius and Maya Angelou speaking about the body as an eco chamber, addiction to thoughts, showing up, rage and bitterness, the delight of difference and of course, the show speaks of listening, among many other topics.

This show tunes into the Space Travellers Lullaby by Kamasi Washington, the sounds and the music of Karin Korg, Kiefer, Pino Palladino, Christian Prommer, Ian Fink, Bennie Maupin, Weather Report and yours truly ILYICH. Don't miss the beautiful solo e-bass performance of Victor Bailey singing praises to Jaco Pastorius. Full of heart. Stay tuned.