Concrete Listening Show | ILYICH


Concrete Listening Show synthesises words spoken by musicians and artists intuitively connected through jazz, soul, house, electronic, experimental, and improvisation-based music.

This sixth episode of the bi-monthly Concrete Listening Show marks the beginning of a new planetary leap spent in the great company of feminist theorist Karen Barad; jazz drummer and outer space professor Milford Graves; poet, writer, activist and educator Nikki Giovanni; Jordan T. Camp co-director of the Racial Capitalism Working Group in the Center for the Study of Social Difference at Columbia University; and poet, translator and short-story writer Jorge Luis Borges.

This show listens to and speaks of silence and alignment with cosmic information. It tunes in with the indeterminacy of voices and reminds us of listening as a concrete social justice practice. This first-year birthday edition prompts us to put work into our love and to stay with certain music way beyond notes, pitches, rhythms and the importance of meaning. This show is carried by the sound of Athletic Progression, Melanie Charles, Don Glori, Robert Wyatt, Harvey Sutherland, Ezra Collective, Don Cherry, Melanie Charles and, ILYICH among others.

Full of Heart.

Stay tuned.