About Refuge

Refuge was started as a fundraising platform working in solidarity with grassroots and non-profit organisations. In January 2021 we launched Refuge Worldwide, a new radio station to amplify the music and issues that we care about, broadcasting weekly from Weserstraße 166, 12045 Berlin Neukölln.

Since 2015, among others, we have worked with a young women’s centre, refugee housing support associations, a music school for marginalised persons, social equity groups, homelessness agencies, and a shelter for women and young persons fleeing domestic violence.

From our home in Berlin Neukölln we now host weekly workshops, training programmes and classes in media, creative fields and mental health. These are free to attend as part of our community outreach. Refuge Worldwide is also involved in a number of collaborative projects around the globe, with likeminded collectives, radio stations and activists.

Refuge Worldwide

Refuge Worldwide commits to striving for a gender balanced station, representative of minorities. The station is focused on community-building and creating space / visibility for underrepresented artists. 

  • We operate a zero-tolerance policy toward racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism and xenophobia

  • Intend to work for the benefit of the local area

  • Host community focused initiatives

  • Create and allow discourse to flourish

  • Deliver a diverse and high quality music programme

We are really excited to present a broad range of shows ranging from 100% music-focused programmes, to some that incorporate interviews and debate, to programmes completely dedicated to discussion.

The music policy is diverse, from hip-hop to house, new wave to northern soul, reggae to R&B, ambient to IDM. All of our hosts have freedom to do what they like with their shows and programme structure.

Contact us on hello@refugeworldwide.com

The Team

The station team produce a diverse range of radio shows, training courses, media and live events. Refuge Worldwide combines international and local artists, as well as platforming newcomers and persons from marginalised communities.


George Patrick - Co-founder

Richard Akingbehin - Co-founder, Programming (richard@refugeworldwide.com)

Chloe Lula - Editorial (chloe@refugeworldwide.com)

Max Graef Lakin - Content (max@refugeworldwide.com)

Elise LeBrun - Shop & Logistics (elise@refugeworldwide.com)

Graeme Bateman - Tech & Design

Nicky Böhm - Community Development

Gaby D’Annunzio - Workshop & Community Management

Joshua De Souza Cook, Veronika Kailich, Steindor Jonsson - Contributing Writers

Alexa Gansera - Development & Partnerships

Press Coverage

- Berliner Zeitung

- Crack

- Der Tagespiegel

- Electronic Beats (Best Radio 2021)

- Resident Advisor

- DJ Mag

- Kaltblut

- Groove

- The Wire

Partnerships / Supported By

ADAM Audio // AIAIAI // Big Dada // #BIKEYGEES // BITE Club // Carhartt & 1UP // Edwin // eno audio // FoundationFM // Frauenzimmer // GALA Festival // Lilipad // Open Music Lab // PioneerDJ // Quartiermeister // Radio Zaatari & 7Hills // Resident Advisor // Savvy Contemporary // Schilleria // Tresor