BLVSH (pronounced |blʌʃ|) means blossoming, blooming, coming to life. 

Created for the exposure, peer support, and promotion of new FLINTA talents, our Berlin-based DJ collective is committed to contributing to a much-needed increase in the visibility of women, trans and non-binary folks and their blossoming in a still male-dominated clubbing scene. 

With BLVSH, we want to create a safer space where the music is the connecting vector between people (emergent talents, well-established artists) and also the opportunity to put the spotlight on societal topics like the current climate in the music industry and the lack of gender minorities representation, as well as for the lack of representation for the BIPOC communities in the clubbing scene, or the lack of accessibility to music production or DJing for certain groups (people with disabilities, people from older generations...). 

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to enter the dance music scene and want to demystify DJing and music production for those who might have previously been denied access to it or left in the belief that it is not for them purely due to their background or identity. 

BLVSH has a monthly residency and a regular afternoon showcase on Refuge Worldwide radio, a monthly open decks at Pepsi Boston Bar (SchwuZ) as well as regular appearances at HÖR. On each occasion we invite friends from our community and newcomers to perform alongside our crew members. 

Crew members: INVERNO, hripsime, Acidfinky, Agata, Triqi and Ká