BLVSH Takeover | Katya Milch


BLVSH Collective is back at the Refuge Worldwide studio for its 4th showcase, full of surprises. It will feature Ukrainian artists, for DJ sets and also a special interview about the current situation in the country and the Ukrainian music scene.

Katya Milch is a DJ and musician from Kyiv, Ukraine, currently living in Berlin. She is part of the Closer Connections and Module Exchange communities and a resident of the humanitarian project “Mriya”, aimed at raising funds for people affected by the war and supporting the Ukrainian community abroad.

In her sets, she prefers to combine electro, techno, ambient and IDM with deep and layered sound textures. She started her journey as a DJ in the early 2010s at friends’ promo-group parties while broadening her knowledge and collection of electronic music, including vinyl. With time, her interest became an aspiration to search for and support Ukrainian DJs and musicians, and she gained experience running a small club in Kyiv (2016). In 2019, she started to produce music and is currently working on her first release.