Playlist: 2 Years of Ukrainian Resistance

Listen back to a selection of shows exploring culture and conflict.

By Staff

On 24 February the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the following war will go into its third year. This week also marks the tenth year of Russian occupation and annexation of Crimea. The war crimes and human rights violations by the Russian military have claimed around 30,000 civilian lives.

To uplift and highlight voices from Ukraine, we have compiled some shows from the last two years that celebrate Ukrainian art and resistance. If you’re based in Berlin and want to show solidarity, join Vitsche Berlin today, Saturday 24 February, from 13-15:00 at Brandenburger Tor, and tune in from 15-16:00 to listen to P Kirn & Dmytro Fedorenko’s Ukraine Resistance Radio. 

Music and art have always been an important part of celebrating Ukrainian identity and resisting Russian occupation. Kyiv festival Art—Weapon! is dedicated to Ukrainian art created during the full-scale war. It took place in Berlin in February of last year. You can listen back to the conversation with Mariana Berezovska and Pledov and Kate Tarabukina from the Art—Weapon! crew. 

At CTM Festival 2023, Mariana sat down with artists Diana Azzuz, Nazanin Noori and Anna Kravets to discuss the role of art and the expectations of artists in times of conflict through the cases of Ukraine, Iran and Syria.

If you prefer reading, check out the first edition of our Airtime series. The Kyiv-based Gasoline Radio celebrates Ukrainian heritage and platforms up-and-coming artists. Read about it in an interview with founder Oleksii Makarenko. 

In On The Ground, Johanna Urbancik and Virna Setta interview people who experienced the full-scale war firsthand. Listen back to the first conversation Johanna and Virna had with Tyhran, a 23-year-old Ukrainian artist who has been forced to flee from the Russian army twice. You can browse the archive of On The Ground shows right here to listen to some of the other interviewees.

For a showcase of music from Ukraine, XJAZZ! stands with Ukraine presents fresh jazz, funk and and contemporary classical sounds from Ukraine. Alternatively check out the shows curated by Olha Bekenshtein. The Ukrainian curator hosted three shows packed with downtempo, experimental and electronic releases. 

Kyiv-based collective Cutiecore embrace a feminist approach to electronic and experimental music. Their guests include Ukrainian artist/cultural activist human margareeta

Oramics’ show Your Periphery is My Center questions the Western Europe-centric perspective of the music industry and amplifies artists from the East European electronic music scene. Check out the episode with Olena Pojonchenkova aka buddhist bubblegum.

Browse through the archive of Vechornytsi shows. The Berlin-birthed collective supports Ukraine through different means, like community gatherings, fundraising, and awareness/education. On Refuge Worldwide they meet different artists from Ukraine and explore the diverse sounds of the country.

Last but not least, check out the DJ sets from the Our Society Ukraine Fundraiser held at Oona Bar in February 2022, or sets from other great Ukrainian artists on Refuge such as Etapp Kyle, loves_kills, Alinka, Olenka, Noirnor, Jewishmason, POTROX, ILYICH or members of the ICKPA Festival crew.