Your Periphery Is My Center: Ukraine | Oramics & buddhist bubblegum

With Oramics

Your Periphery Is My Center is a show curated by Oramics to support regionally underrepresented artists by amplifying the voices from the Eastern European electronic music scene and examining inequality within the industry. Each show presents a selection of music from a different country in the region of Central and Eastern Europe.

The second episode is prepared by Olena Pohonchenkova aka buddhist bubblegum and is dedicated to contemporary electronic and experimental music from Ukraine.

Olena Pohonchenkova is a Ukrainian music writer, blogger, and journalist, she also sings and writes some of the lyrics for the psychedelic pop band KURL. The first issue of her printed fanzine 'bubblegum zine' dedicated to lesser-known Ukrainian music is out and available in record stores and bookshops across Europe.