Vechornytsi is a Berlin-birthed collective that aims to support Ukraine in many facets, via community gathering, fundraising, and awareness/education. Since early 2022, when russia began their full scale terrorist invasion, Vechornytsi has grown a community in Berlin that gathers for moments of shared growth and exploration.

The idea behind Vechornytsi in Berlin is to create a safe space for Ukrainians, refugees, and all of Berlin’s diverse community to come together for an evening of release, expression, support, and awareness. Through these efforts, they donate all proceeds to relevant efforts taking place in Ukraine, while spreading knowledge of the current state of Russia’s terrorist attacks.

Vechornytsi: "Ukrainian traditional parties with music, songs, jokes and rituals. Vechornytsi began in late September after the seasonal agricultural works were over. Young people from Ukrainian villages gathered in the evenings and had parties. There were everyday and festive Vechornytsi."

Слава Україні!