Sally C

If recent times have taught us anything, it’s that Sally C ain’t messing about. The Belfast-born, Berlin-based DJ has stamped herself as one of the most exciting new artists on the scene, thanks wholly to her inspired selector skills.  

With a deep passion for vintage house that crosses the gamut of hip house and acid, right up to future-facing techno and electro rollers, she has developed a knack for selecting timeless, slept on classics that deserve the shine her sets bring. 

With the release of her debut productions on eponymous new label Big Saldo’s Chunkers last summer, Sally C has taken the next step in her artistic career. The tracks are her homage to the golden era of hip house and the sounds of ’88 -’98, inspired by Black innovators such as Fast Eddie, Tyree and K-Hand, whose trailblazing music has impacted her so heavily. 

‘Big Saldo’s Chunkers with Sally C’ will broadcast the chunkiest of records from her digs. Expect a diverse line-up of guests, featuring established and up-and-comers alike.