Residency | Gramrcy

With Gramrcy

Another fine mess of pastoral guitars, heads-down house and light-footed summer melters Tracklist:

Airhead - forever [self-released]

Airhead - and a bit of hope [self-released]

Airhead - silent sleep [self-released]

Computer Soup - Track 02 [360° Records]

Computer Soup - Track 09 [360° Records]

Computer Soup - Track 01 [360° Records]

Kamohelo - SO [forthcoming Off The Records]

Hot Lizard - 165… Drop (Love From San Francisco Mix) [Pacific Records]

Norm Talley - Beats On Broadway [NDATL Muzik]

Eduard Szilagyi - Obstacles [Glukkon]

yehno - Lullaby (4/4 Mix) [Collection Disque Durs]

Holy Ghost - Mad Monks on Zinc [Safe Trip]

Soul Campbell - Float [unreleased]

OdD - Abacus [Late Night Skanking]

Parole e azioni - Outro [Detriti Records]

Dream_E - Loop II Infinity [The Burrell Connection]

Faint Object - If Six Was Nine [Lower Parts]

Barker - Posmean [Ostgut Ton]

Adam Pits - Stagga (OCB Remix) [Holding Hands]

data plan - shrunk [self-released]

Keene Angst - Give It Up [self-released]

Low End Activist ft. Razor - Get Dark (John T. Gast Cowbell Mix) [Sneaker Social Club]

Ssiege - Corpo Libero [Blank Mind]

Club Winston - Chart [unreleased]

Odd Lust - Planet Is Transparent [The Trilogy Tapes]

Rat Heart - . [Shotta Tapes]

Bolam - Hype Shifter - Al Wootton Remix) [forthcoming Breaks ’N’ Pieces]

ThE DiAboLIcal LibERTieS - Dub Protection ft. Emma-Jean Thackray [On The Corner]

awo ojiji - glyph [Eclipse Tribez]

James K - Ultra Facial! [AD 93]

Memo Boy - [PLZ Make It Ruins]