Room 4 Resistance

Established in 2014, Berlin-based queer collective Room 4 Resistance has led a divergent club counter-culture that has sought to examine the political dimensions of the dancefloor, creating intentional spaces and advocating for adventurous under-represented artists. Prioritizing awareness and safety, R4R has also attempted to implement a system of care within nightlife that's still far too uncommon.

Over the years, the collective has hosted intersectional queer feminist club nights, monthly radio shows, and curated panel discussions and workshops with the goal of nurturing artists too often left out of the conversation, sharing resources and knowledge, and bringing together different communities.

R4R aims to create holistic dancefloor experiences for the misfits, nerds, neuroqueers where we can rest up and feel welcome, connect and care for each other, and most importantly refresh ourselves. It’s that energy that makes the R4R experience unique, genuine and vital.