Berenice Llorens

Connecting with the environment we inhabit and how we change through its perception is at the heart of Berenice Llorens' work. The Berlin-based Argentine composer, guitarist and DJ mixes techniques such as deep listening and free improvisation to create in a free and intuitive way, pushing the boundaries of genre and breaking with already established models and structures.

Resonating with musical genres such as post & alternative rock, electroacoustic and electronic music, Llorens has created in her various productions and performances, sounds that oscillate between techno, experimental music and ambient. Her fresh and original work is created by mixing sound samples taken from places she inhabits, analogue and digital instruments, processes, voices and guitars, creating ethereal sound atmospheres over natural pulses and artificial rhythms combined with improvised and floating harmonies.

Llorens has released solo albums and collaborative projects such as Marmotas Dreams, Toros (AR), and The Sonic Arts Ensemble (USA) and also collaborates with visual artists, dancers and theatre. She was selected by the National Institute of Argentine Music INAMU as a “sound experimenter”. In 2022 she participated in Amplify D.A.I’s Artlab Artist Residency Program with Brazilian artist Carol Santana and created her last work "Portal del Sur", exhibited at Mutek (CA), Mutek (AR), Oi Futuro (BR). In addition, she has been producing the radio show "Amplify Radio x Rea", broadcast on Radio Electronica Argentina.