Berenice Llorens

Berenice Llorens is a composer, guitar player, and DJ from Córdoba (Argentina) based in Berlin. Through her work, she engages in artistic research focused on musical composition and the transformations of the creative process based on the temporal, visual, and auditory perception of our environment. Llorens delves into the creation of immersive and experimental live musical experiences by capturing and reinterpreting the sounds of nature, the city and machines.

Her music is an ever-evolving and transformation process. Berenice Llorens' work extends beyond her solo project. She collaborates with multidisciplinary projects in different fields, including music ensembles, technology, AI, immersive audio, films and dance, among others. Interested in various ways of creating and sharing music, she produces a monthly show on Refuge Worldwide where she focuses on the expansion of experimental music.

Her solo and collective work and performances has been exhibited at Mutek Montreal (CA), Mutek (AR), Oi Futuro (BR), Earth Day Arts Model (EE.UU.), Now Net Arts (EE.UU.), el Centro de Arte Sonoro (AR), LPM2023 (Münster), Acud Macht Neu (Berlín), entre otros.