On rotation hosts Dom Bird, Luen, Jad & The provide the Beats Of No Nation show with new guests every other month.

Beats Of No Nation

Founded in 2015 by Jad & The and Dom Bird, Beats Of No Nation (BONN) began as a weekly radio show on Brisbane’s radio station 4ZZZ. Focusing on local and up-and-coming DJs and producers, along with a plethora of international artists, BONN quickly earned their reputation as tastemakers in Australia and abroad. Luen Free joined Dom and Jad in 2018, rounding out the collective, a trio.

In recent years BONN has evolved into a record label. Initially releasing music from their close circle of talented friends in Brisbane. More recently BONN has tapped into a wide range of underground music from around the world, carving out a unique space for like-minded artists to share their work.

In 2021 BONN continues to evolve and expand and now calls Refuge Worldwide its spiritual home. BONN continues to collaborate with forward-thinking artists from around the world, independently together.