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With Beats Of No Nation

No genres, no borders, its Beats Of No Nation.

Luke C. is an Australia-born Los Angeles-based DJ, producer, and label head. Luke's music is best described as LA noir—it's a gauzy, starry-eyed style of electronics best represented on his debut solo outing, 'T.O.M.B.,' a seven-track LP released early in 2022 on his own Velvet Bikini.

Luke's most recent offering was ‘Nothing Like a Dream,’ an hour-long audio-visual mix recorded live at his recently opened art gallery and store, 2-3 FAIR, for a recent group art show titled ‘No Knowledge Of Utopia.' The tracks and video selected and played were done so to compliment the art in the show and to act as an extension to it, leaning into the show's exploration of utopic landscapes, flowing through cinematic ambient and barely-there wide-screen grooves that melt into one another as the visuals play out like a hallucinogenic fever-dream.

On the DJ front, Luke's supported the likes of Petre Inspirescu, Onur Özer, Fumiya Tanaka, SIT (Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia), and DeWalta for SXM Festival, XLR8R, Dialogue, and many others. Like his productions, his DJ sets and mixes range from ambient and experimental downtempo through deep house and techno.

For the last five years, Luke has also acted as the head of the long-standing electronic magazine and platform XLR8R, guiding its operations and curation.