Starling Works: Mutual Dreaming Through Dance | Niko Seizov & Nikita Goile

With Niko Seizov, and Starling Works

Welcome to the Starling Works show - a series of conversations and explorations with some of the brightest creative minds in and around the music scene. Hosted by Niko Seizov.

The first episode kicks off with a special guest appearance by Nikita Goile - an artist exploring the creative space of movement through her work as a contemporary dancer and choreographer. Niko & Nikita join forces in the Refuge Worldwide studio in Berlin, in order to undertake one highly non-scientific experiment, exploring the uniting power of music and dance. Listening to a selection of tracks, whilst blindfolded, they attempt to discover whether the imaginary worlds, colours and textures we see when we close our eyes in the dance, have anything in common. We invite you to join us on this journey, dance in the dark together with us and share your experiences in the comments.

Dance Tracklist:

  • FKJ - Stay A Child / AWAL

  • De-Tu & Congi - Shallow Waters / White Peach

  • Portico Quartet- Gradient / Gondwana Records

  • Francesco Tristano - Idiosynkrasia (Ben Klock Remix) / InFiné

  • Leon Vynehall - Mothra / Ninja Tune

  • Two Shell - Soft Core / Livity Sound

  • Photay - Screens / Astro Nautico

Ambient Tracklist:

  • 36 - Room 4 / A Strangely Isolated Place

  • Huerco S - A Sea Of Love / Proibito

  • Gaussian Curve - Broken Clouds / Music From Memory

  • Dreyma - Myvatna / Dreyma

  • Kara-Lis Coverdale - Moments in Love / Night Time Stories

  • Carmel - Georgia / Lobster Theremin

  • Hogni - Ascend in 8-13.9Hz / Erased Tapes