Starling Works

Creativity knows no bounds – and neither do we. Where others see a divide between art and commerce, we see only creative possibilities to weave sounds, images, storytelling, technology, science, education and business into one, interconnected whole. Above all we put art first, as we nurture and empower those who entrust us with their creative endeavours.

With an uncompromising focus on detail and nuance, we craft bespoke campaigns that give our artists’ imagination free reign and their stories space to shine. We aim to be like water: an adaptable, unstoppable force, flowing ever onwards and overcoming any obstacle in the way of the art.

Our work spans genres and disciplines, guided by our ambition to leave a timeless legacy that transcends fashion and trends. This has allowed our artists to reach wildly contrasting spaces of creative expression: from peak-time techno workouts on Berghain’s dancefloor, through tranquil sleep concerts on the stone floor of a medieval church, modern-classical A/V installations in Europe’s finest concert houses, and all the way to the Grammy Awards’ red carpet.

Such diverse projects demonstrate our commitment to authenticity, empowering innovation, and an unwavering determination to extend creativity throughout the world.