Niko Seizov

As defined by the dictionary of his native Bulgaria, Niko Seizov can be most accurately described by the word “Меломан” (pronounced Meloman) - a passionate lover of music and singing. A love affair he began at the tender age of 4, when his uncle brought him to a nightclub for the very first time. 35 years later, you can still find the light specs of the disco ball flickering through his eyes, as full as ever of excitement for that sticky sweet dance-floor and those elusive moments of magic born on it.

During the last decade Niko has been channeling his creative energy, as an artist manager and consultant for artists like Sebastian Mullaert, Laurence Guy, Wayne Snow, Secretsundaze and Mouse On Mars. He has been nurturing and shaping a wildly diverse spectrum of creative projects, which have travelled the world from the cavernous dancefloor of techno mecca Berghain, through to modern-classical collaborations with philharmonic orchestras in concert houses like Tonhalle Zurich, all the way to the red carpet of the Grammy Awards for this work on the 1985 project with Paul McCartney.

Most recently responsible for bringing to life and running the improvised live event series, record label and educational platform Circle Of Live, as well as working alongside Brian Eno on the launch of a brand new environmental initiative Earth Percent.