Vietnam in Dunkirk: Voices from camps in northern France | Radio Calais & passer

With Radio Calais, and passer

In our last episode, Radio Calais began an account of the war against refugees. We will return to it. And to the Rwanda Bill, shamefully passed into UK law.

But, in this episode Nik is reporting live from the Calais region. They have spent a month in Dunkirk, a large port town like Calais, 25 miles to the east.

Nik has been working with Mobile Refugee Support, in their warehouse and on their daily aid distributions. They bring reports on the conditions for refugees in the camp and the actions of the police against them.

And, we continue our series “why are people on the move?” Vietnamese people are one of the communities in the informal settlements of Northern France and some settled in Europe over fifty years ago. They are often overlooked. They are Radio Calais’ focus this month.

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Radio Calais, and passer