POST | P Kirn & Betty Apple

With P Kirn

"We are all post-everything."

POST this month welcomes Betty Apple from Taipei to talk about the scene in Taiwan and share some music, in advance of her debut LP arriving in September.

BETTY APPLE comes from the millennial generation of avant-garde artists in Taiwan. Her aim is to study the chaotic and hysterical "noise text" that is created from input to output, distorted by the dynamics of humans as well as objects. Her work symbolizes what is repressed by the seemingly perfect/accurate sound of science and patriarchy.

"As a wayfaring mer-being from Sirius, I perceive electronic music as a transdimensional language, traversing the boundaries of time and space. It conveys the harmonious resonance of energy and frequency, enveloping listeners in the wonder of alternate realms. Within my creative process, I am acutely aware of my connection to the universe and the creative enlightenment bestowed on me by Sirius. I transcend the confines of the present, diving into an ocean of memories, and exploring uncharted territories. Each note carries a coded message, each rhythm an ebb and flow of energy. When I perform and compose, I find myself in synchrony with the cosmos, interpreting a tale that transcends the limitations of temporal existence. It is energy, and it is my memory of when I came from an alien."


P Kirn