Bubble World | Christa Belle & The Field

With Christa Belle, and The Field

On this very special episode, Christa Belle invites The Field to join her in selecting two hours of music conducive to year-end reflection. Born in southern Sweden, Axel Willner spent his formative years enamored with the burgeoning electronic music scene of the mid-90s. He started composing and playing drone-and-Warp-influenced IDM, followed by guitar-based ambient music, that he released on his own imprint Garmonbozia in the early 2000s. Willner’s background in punk and avant-garde electronics came to full bloom with his widely acclaimed The Field project: signed to Kompakt in 2004, this monicker saw him constructing ambient techno based on a stoic motorik and a perpetually rotating hook. Christa and Axel’s friendship is built on an endless stream of YouTube links spanning genres and decades—culminating now in this final Bubble World of 2023.