Christa Belle

Christa Belle discovered dance music in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, where DIY parties thrived in the early 2000’s. That was before the effects of the 2010 Olympics which devastated the city’s creative scenes. Rampant seizures of artist-run spaces, the loss of affordable housing and more squeezed many creatives like Christa out of the city in search of freer environments. Lead by her curiosity, especially sparked by sound, Christa landed in Berlin in 2017 to continue her pursuits which at that point spanned DJing, music production and venue operations. Once in Germany, Christa became immersed in local music lore, particularly that of Krautrock and its origins. Now, finding inspiration between her early dance floor memories and the sonic palette of psychedelic Europe, Christa Belle curates in a way which reflects on these pasts while continuing their futurist spirits.