Femdelic and Nadia Wise select their open air soundtracks

Listen ahead of this Sunday's event in Plötzensee.

By Staff

This Sunday we're throwing a groovy afternoon at Strandbad Plötzensee from 3pm to midnight in Berlin. Get the details here.

We are happy to be joined by Femdelic and Nadia Wise who will spin on the sand alongside our station residents Christophe Darbouze, TRU:L, Ken Okuda, and Carly Zeng.

To kick off the weekend, Femdelic and Nadia Wise have sent us a special selection of Open Air and beach-themed tracks, check them out below. Heads up if you are planning on attending, the venue has rain cover and a back-up location inside the Lighthouse if we need it.

See you on the beach!

Femdelic's Open Air Playlist

Bayetë & probably Sean - Guapa

"Captures the atmosphere of a beautiful community day on the beach."

9th creation - Much too much

"The lyrics of this song which comes along very easy express nonetheless the feelings that are still valid in 2024."

Teddy pendergrass - Only you

"Teddy pendergrass discofunk shouldn't be missing in any playlist."

Spyder C - Unity

"I like claps :) and the movement of hip-hop as a culture this song is a throwback into the beginnings; breakdance electrofunk and the unity of people through music and expression in dance."

Altın Gün - Goca Dünya

"Hey world - I love the flowered and plaintive musical expression. There are many psychedelic folk music artists that I adore like Baris Manco or Derya Yildirim & Grup Şimşek. I chose this song because of sorrow that wants to be expressed."

Nadia Wise's Beach Fantasy Playlist

Nadia provides us with a special narrative concept track selection reminiscent of her narrative OST Show.

"Beach Fantasy: a musical Odyssey, where a rainy day reverie turns into a passionate beach adventure, finally led out to sea by a mermaid siren who stops the rain."

Nocera - Summertime, Summertime (1986)

It's raining again, and it's so hot / I wish you'd come for me And take me away, take me away ... Take me, take me to the water Summertime, Summertime Maybe, we can fall in love Summertime, Summertime I listen to the rain outside / Please come and take me for a ride I really want you, to come and take me far away / I want to say ... .... I'm dreaming, lying on the sand / You look down to me and take my hand I can't believe it's true, but you called me out today / Until you say ... ...

Butter Rum - Hit The Beach (1988)

Hit the beach now! Hit hit hit hit hit hit hit hit hit Hit hit hit hit hit hit hit hit hit The beach, the beach Hit hit hit hit The beach, the beach Hit hit hit hit The beach Hit it!

Jan Hammer - Crockett's Theme (9mm remix) (1991) (Remix of the original featured in the 1986 Miami Vice TV series)

Touch me, feel me, love me, hurt me Sensations of the inner mind The pleasures far beyond We dream about our space in time Arise to conquer all Arise to conquer all

Aphrodisiac - Song of the Siren (1990)

Her eyes, so alluring Her touch, so captivating And the way she called my name Was not unlike the song of the siren

Miho Nakayama - Mermaid (1988)

I don't mind, I don't mind きっと抱きしめてくれる I don't mind おとぎ話を信じる彼の true, true eyes (in your eyes) 人の姿を借りて来たのよ big, big town 夕陽のビーチ big kissesした 彼に会いたい もういちど Don't you think your love's real 苦しいのよ Mermaid from the sea せつなくて ふたつに my heart はりさけそうなの Stop the rain, stop the rain 夏の空よ 泣かないで stop the rain 雨にぬれたら わたしはただの mermaid (sweet mermaid)

See you Sunday 2nd June, 15:00-00:00, Nordufer 26, 13351 Berlin.