Femdelic is a Berlin DJ who has built a solid reputation for playing Clubsets; coming to wreck your body, and turning the party out. She effortlessly shifts between all the delicious flavours of funk; electro boogie, Afro, 80s breakdance, modern funk styles, RnB, house, disco, and plenty more gems galore. All stitched together with sharp technical finesse, knowing wisdom of what's good for the dancefloor, and when to take those left turns that create the magic moments.

The relationship and interactions between rhythm, groove, and body movement are embedded into the Femdelic DNA. An early acquisition of her father’s copy of the seminal ‘Future Shock’ LP leads to an early vinyl fascination and formative dance experiences. Discovering breakdance and poppin’ at youth clubs and workshops opened her to this world of style and culture. A place where music and body movement can express not only wild, raw energy, but be healing and unifying at the same time. Ain’t no half steppin’ here.