Kemoy is a counsellor, sex educator and full-spectrum doula currently based in Berlin. Kemoy's work involves many different offerings and the common thread throughout is nurturance and trauma-informed care. Kemoy enjoys reading (all genres, but especially science fiction), walking, films (especially horror) practising yoga & mindfulness, being in nature, and learning about plant medicines, mushrooms and psychedelics. Kemoy is vegan and born under a Virgo sun and Pisces moon - lately Kemoy has been learning about tarot and astrology. These things help Kemoy to learn more about the world and inform Kemoy's work.

CWK began while Kemoy was organising a fundraiser called the Queer Black Therapy Fund which aimed to provide Therapy to 10 Queer Black people for 1 year. It was born from a desire to connect with other Black, Indigenous, and People of Color who were mental health professionals, wellness practitioners, or working in a way that centres care. This was Kemoy's way of connecting with others to hear and share their stories.