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With Kemoy

Convos with Kemoy began while Kemoy was organising a fundraiser called the Queer Black Therapy Fund, which aimed to provide Therapy to 10 Queer Black people for 1 year. It was born from a desire to connect with other Black, Indigenous, and People of Color who were mental health professionals, wellness practitioners, or working in a way that centres care. This was Kemoy's way of connecting with others to hear and share their stories.

Kim Gerlach (she/her) is a scent practitioner and breathworker. Her olfactive work is focused on the cultivation of presence and the creation of new pathways our bodies and minds can follow to heal. She seeks to expand the medium by building and resolving the tension between the familiar and the unknown. She addresses the topics of finding intuition and inner guidance, multiculturalism, and the power of breath.