Convos With Kemoy | Elia

With Kemoy

In this episode, Kemoy is joined by the Astrologer, Reiki practitioner, hypnotist and tarot reader, Elia.

Elia is a light-skinned, Black, genderqueer femme living in Berlin, Germany. Their work is deeply influenced by the writers, activists and humans like Audre Lorde, Adrienne Maree Brown, Dr Keysha Fykes, Mikki Kendall, Sonya Renee Taylor and plenty of other Black & Brown femmes.

Elia has founded The Dreamscape - a 3-month capsule to create more space for QTIBIPOC to foster healing through radical imagination and feel true belonging through meaningful connection to themselves & their communities. And they have most recently created My QueeRelations, a digital workbook about Trauma and how it affects our relationship to ourselves, others and the world around us.

Check out their Ancestral Healing Tarot Deck; Coming soon.

Convos with Kemoy highlights the voices of Black, Brown, and/or Queer Mental Health professional and Wellness Practitioners.