Convos with Kemoy | Chantelle

With Kemoy

Convos with Kemoy aims to shed light on the disparities that exist within the fields of Mental Health and Wellness through highlighting the experiences of BIPOC* Mental Health Professionals and Wellness Practitioners.

These conversations explore the flaws that exist within these fields and the impact they can have on BIPOC clients. Guest share their tips for how BIPOC* can navigate these systems while caring for themselves and discuss what can be done to incite change and lessen barriers to access to care.

Our Guest in this episode is Chantelle, the founder of Piece by Piece Wellness. She is a Holistic Coach and Movement Facilitator based in Berlin who has a passion for supporting people in their journeys to connect with their bodies. Find out more about her work here. For more info about the Queer Black Therapy Fund - here. Black OR Indigenious OR Person Of Color