Coline Cornélis

Coline Cornélis is a Brussels-based DJ & illustrator. After collaborating with experimental musician Rupert Clervaux for his latest records series, she released the critically-acclaimed LLIM01 mixtape on Laura Lies In, a British record label, and was featured on Berceuse Héroïque as well as many other independent platforms.

In her sets, Coline selects rare songs and recordings, dear to her heart, which she interweaves in order to form unusual mixes made of diverse genres such as Aboriginal songs, pipe organ, Malian kora, post-punk, Afro-Colombian marimba, house music and more.

Driven by a fierce interest in pure sounds, harmony and textures, Coline intends to offer an emotional background, a story and a form of delicacy to her live or recorded performances.