World Oceans Day | Izabel

With Izabel, and TBA21-Academy / Ocean Archive

O. W. S. M. Follows human to ocean narratives, explored through found sounds and water reflective compositions.

Izabel (Lullabies For Insomniacs) spent time working at sea, riddled by stifling heat and unchanging surroundings, and put together a mix loosely inspired by the distance from land but still connected to man made stars and paths.

“Embraced by the unreceding horizon that effortlessly changes colour, a spectacular show of the most pure and intense hues imaginable. Birds wing through the vast space dancing with sonorous bubbles of joy that fill the air. It is as though their frenetic movements mimic thought and soon the feeling of being far from sun scorched land dissipates. Voices waft, weaving with wind, catching fragments from transmissions travelling through fibers below that link chaotic distant worlds. Lulled as night falls, the sky becomes a dark mirror reflecting the minds eye as satellites dodge stars in time with the pitching of the ship, whose path eventually takes me to sleep”