TBA21-Academy / Ocean Archive

TBA21–Academy is a contemporary art organisation and cultural ecosystem fostering a deeper relationship to the Ocean through the lens of art striving to inspire care and action. The Academy instigates intersectional and collaborative research, artistic production, and new forms of knowledge, resulting in commissions, exhibitions and pedagogic programs. Commissioning and producing research-led projects for nearly a decade, TBA21–Academy has grown an extensive network of ocean practitioners and experts from the fields of science, policy, law, big data, feminist, and indigenous scholarship.

Ocean Archive is a digital platform in the making. Designed to be a pedagogical, research and storytelling tool for a broad audience, it brings together a multitude of Ocean voices and stories and connects those striving to protect it. 

(Image Credit: Diving with humpback whales in Silver Bank, 2013. Photo by José Alejandro Álvarez. Courtesy of José Alejandro Álvarez and TBA21–Academy.)