Radio Calais | War and Displacement: Palestine

With Radio Calais, and passer

War and displacement. Radio Calais has been watching the war on/in Gaza. Everyone is doing this: listening to the radio bulletins from journalists in Israel or Palestine, looking at our screens to see pictures of atrocities, and, at times, avoiding all news. It's too awful to contemplate so we turn off and go back to getting on with our everyday things. As so many other reluctant, woeful, global witnesses, Radio Calais knew our responsibility in this episode is to reflect on war and displacement in Gaza, so Palestine is the focus of our long-running segment: Why are people on the Move? Stay with us. We are not repeating coverage or analysis of Gaza that listeners can find elsewhere. This is because we also know our responsibility is always to maintain our refugee perspective. We are covering Palestine for this reason. War creates refugees. Displacement is always an effect of war, it is also an act of war, the intention of war. It is, then, through a refugee perspective that we can get a fuller picture. While we have been watching Gaza and avoiding watching Gaza, evictions in Calais continue. A perpetual displacement of people. Cate-May brings us the Calais updates and Nik examines the internal displacement of refugees, a global situation for so many people. Internal displacement created both in Gaza and the West Bank, but Radio Calais is also looking out across the world.


  • Daniel Khan and the Painted Bird - Dumai / “Think”

  • Gil Scott Heron - Johannesburg

  • Bayta Ag Bay - Aicha

  • Shadia Mansour - Asalamo Aalekom

  • Andrew Andraos - Classycal ft. Naseem Alatrash

  • LOWKEY - Hand On Your Gun

  • Joshua Idehen, LOOR - My Hate Will Not Give Me Peace

  • Taqbir - Aisha Qandisha

  • Clara! ft. El Manantial - Lluvia de Sal

  • Contours - Keld ft Abel Selaocoe & Callum Connell

  • Miriam Makeba - Pata Pata

  • The Skapones - Eyes of a Child


Radio Calais, and passer