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Brandstifter & Arma Agharta - Drowning bird materialized as a mole (Steep Gloss)  NikNak - Thunder (Self-released)  Francesco Covarino - Mantello I (wabi-sabi tapes)  Fossil Aerosol Mining Project - An Invocation of Alice (Temple Mix) (Self-released)  Orca, Attack! - Limitations (Strategic Tape Reserve)  Singapore Police Background - hydra palace (Steep Gloss)  Jason Kahn & Ilia Belorukov - Zürich live (Fort Evil Fruit)  Andy Klingensmith - From His Mouth Rose Black Locust (Invisible City Records)  claire rousay - discrete (the market) (American Dreams Records)  glia - zelm (Self-released)  mark s williamson - lud's church (Forged River Recordings)  Cruel Diagonals - Cruel Diagonals for Modular Manifestation (Self-released)  Richard Chartier - interreference.4 (Room40)  Piano Rain - Tones of Home (Visions: A Benefit Compilation for Artsakh)  Time Binding Ensemble - Nychthemera in F# Minor (Kit Records)  Yama Yuki / Darisbo / Crise Vitória - Hakozaki (Fort Evil Fruit)  Carmen Villain - Things That Are Solid (Geographic North)  Karl Fousek - Theme (Self-released)  Stephanie Merchak - pulse (Self-released)  Dominique M. Jones - Nov 26th (Visions: A Benefit Compilation for Artsakh)  Ⓚ - Three Pillars Of Limbic Fission - About 730 Pages (Unknown)