Toada | Guest Mix

With Toada

A live set of electronica and downtempo grooves from the Portuguese man in Berlin.

  1. Toada “Intro” (Unreleased)

  2. Toada “Apaziguada” (Plūma)

  3. Toada “Fervor” (Plūma)

  4. Toada “Matiz” (Plūma)

  5. Toada “Auge” (Plūma)

  6. Toada “Vendaval” (Plūma)

  7. Toada “Airosa” (Plūma)

  8. Toada “A Movida” (Plūma)

  9. Toada “Tempelhofer Feld” (Plūma)

  10. Toada “Amparo” (Plūma)

  11. Toada “A Matriarca” (Plūma)

  12. Toada “Adelina” (Plūma)



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