Sonic Rituals | Alifiyah

With Alifyah

In this essayistic/embodied radio mix, Alifiyah is curious about what forms of listening and connection might grow when you think of your creative sonic practice as a ritual that you’re holding and a meal that you are making meant to nourish someone.

Who is it nourishing? You, others? What are the ingredients in your practice that are working for you? What’s a form you've wanted to make? What is its texture? What are its perceived relationships and energies? If your sonic ritual were a state of holding consciousness, where would you go?

The collaborative piece is an experimental arrangement of the flow of sounds, thoughts, and ideas through long-form sonic poetry that is inspired by forms of embodied and relational listening.

This second compilation features contributions by Eva Isolde Balzer, Ana Amorós López, Isul Kim, Cornelia Turner, Alifiyah Imani, Rahema Zaheer, and Stephanie Fenner.