With O.N.A, and Juba

After a first meeting on the airwaves earlier this year, Juba and O.N.A reunite, this time from the Refuge booth, to talk music, life, and food preferences. And of course to trade some blends.

Juba is the creative force behind the Assurance documentary, podcast series and compilation, a member of Boko! Boko! and the creator of the Beats Power Movement (bpm) party series. In addition, Juba is the touring DJ (and backing singer!) with the Kuduro queen PONGO.

Following a first hour of conversation and shared favourites, Oscar and Juba close out the second hour of the show with a multi genre B2B featuring an unreleased O.N.A track.

Look out for Juba x O.N.A B2B 3.0…this time for a Berlin club set this November!


O.N.A, and Juba