Samuel Rohrer | Concentric Records

With Concentric Records, and Samuel Rohrer

Jazz drummer and Ambiq member, Samuel Rohrer, for the Concentric Records monthly. "Foward moving energy" is 1-hour composition of selected released and unreleased works by Samuel Rohrer and his collaborations, around energy, tension, release; evoking diverse living organisms of electronic instruments and modular synths via his primary instrument - the drums. Tracklist:

Dark Star Safari - Labyrinthine

Samuel Rohrer - The I-I Kave - Cambium Samuel Rohrer - The Climber

Dark Star Safari - Your Fathers´ Names

Amiira - Björn Meyer/Klaus Gesing/Samuel Rohrer- Flimmer

Kave - Giant Peach 

Dark Star Safari -  Child Of Foll

Ambiq - Introspective Kitchen

Joao Paulo Esteves da Silva Trio

Samuel Rohrer Solo Live - Part 4 -unreleased 

Samuel Rohrer Solo Live - Part 2 -unreleased

Samuel Rohrer - Fulcrum I

Kave - A Walk In The Woods 

Samuel Rohrer - Subterranean Dark

Samuel Rohrer - The Grid