POST | P Kirn & Qكيو (Qusay Awad)

With P Kirn

POST continues its commitment to elusive content thematics with an ambient/experimental B2B between P KIRN and special guest Qكيو, - after a shared debut in the Gold Room at Beirut's Ballroom Blitz in the spring.

We are all post-everything.

Qusay Awad, also known as Qكيو, is a Syrian multidisciplinary artist, creative, and DJ based in Berlin. With a deep passion for dance music, Qكيو infuses his electrifying style with a tapestry of rhythms, atmospheric sounds, and a wide range of noise. His artistic expression resonates with his authentic vision of self, embracing queer existence, and advocating for liberation. Rooted in his cultural heritage, Qكيو actively contributes to the Syrian Diaspora through cultural work, fostering collaborations, and supporting a sense of community.

Photo by


P Kirn