POST | P Kirn & Falyakon

With P Kirn, and Falyakon

Special - Falyakon فَلْيَكُن POST invites Falyakon for an extra edition on her way shortly to Palestine.

Falyakon, is a multi-instrumentalist and DJ based between Palestine and Berlin. Falyakon breaks the rules of mixing in multi-layered, genre-defying, erratic sets, that express what being free truly means. She is controlling time and distorting structure by warping rhythms and morphing tones in a journey filled with distant memories, interruptions, and projections of what is to come. 

POST is PKIRN's regular unpredictable-format celebration of unexpected music, posted, post-Internet, post-state, POST-ITs, etc.


P Kirn, and Falyakon