Residency | Gramrcy

With Gramrcy

A tribute to the late Jasen Loveland, a preview of the forthcoming Peach Discs compilation, and a run-through of some recent favourites.


The Lone Flanger - When She Microdoses Part II [self-released]

ISAbella - C’s Dream [Peach Discs]

Tondiue - tb dub mix [Peach Discs]

Happa - Not Right Now [Peach Discs]

Knopha - Grove Emulator [Peach Discs]

Syz - Unearth [Peach Discs]

Gekka - Parallel Sync [Peach Discs]

Airbnd - Learning Materials [Peach Discs]

Peach - Moonlight [Peach Discs]

Gramrcy - Going On Eleven [Peach Discs]

Buen Clima - Tecno querian lxs weonxs [Peach Discs]

Jackson Ryland - Hypnotherapy [Peach Discs]

LeftLeft - Humming [Dudbridge Garage International]

Guber - Commoditized [self-released]

Rockers Hi-Fi - Seven Shades of Dub [Seven Hills]

Maniax Traxxx - You’ve Got Me Flying (Mix 2) [Satori Records]

LOFT - Wish It Would Rain (Massive Vibe Moment) [2 B Real]

YS - On a Train in 2035 [Pace Yourself]

Khalab & Baba Sissoko - Kumu [Wonderwheel Recordings]

Nelson - Chiaroscuro [unreleased]

Car Culture - Fitness ft. Maxime Robillard [Lighthead Records]



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