Goethe-Institut in Exile [Afghanistan] | Taman Noor

With Taman Noor, and Goethe-Institut

Prior to the official opening of the festival, a musical conversation will set the tone for the country focus on Afghanistan. In the community space of "Refuge Worldwide," the Goethe-Institut in Exile invites Afghan-born musician and cultural scholar Taman Noor for a conversation followed by a music performance. During the discussion, he will touch upon his experience as a refugee, his work with Afghan refugees, and his extraordinary musical journey to Kabul. The conversation will specifically shed light on the often overlooked role of Afghan refugee men, highlighting the marginalization and hostility they frequently encounter, which is often neglected in integration efforts.

Following the conversation, Taman Noor will deliver an intimate DJ set that incorporates sound samples from recently arrived Afghan men seeking refuge in Germany.