Taman Noor

Taman Noor was born in Kabul in 1975. In 1979, his family had to leave Afghanistan due to the impending Soviet invasion. Their new home became Bremerhaven in northern Germany. While studying cultural studies and English literature in Bremen, he organized various mostly smaller parties. Some were significant enough to establish fruitful connections in Hamburg and Berlin, such as with the Teichmann brothers, whom he accompanied to Kabul in 2011 for a multi-day project by the Goethe-Institut. This experience changed his perspective on the country's history since the mid-1970s. Hedonism became increasingly secondary to him, while intercultural communication through any available means became more important – including parties as a means of engagement. He continued this in Berlin from 2010 onwards, including Afghanistan-themed nights at the former Kater Holzig, as a member of an international event organizing group (Border Movement), and as a DJ at German-Afghan cultural events. Currently, he works as a career and education advisor for refugees. Inter-culturality and communication play a central role in his interactions with others.