Global Balkan | Raf

With Raf

"This is Badland" presents "Global Balkan" - a monthly musical journey across continents and cultures, exploring the sounds of the south- and middle-eastern spheres. The show is hosted by different artists, curators, and friends featuring a variety of tunes, emotions and oddities from a place where East meets West, where old meets new.

We're starting things off with our resident host Raf, who is the Co-Founder, Editor and Creative Director of "This is Badland Magazine". With her music taste being as eclectic as her upbringing and creative output, she's serving up a range from heart-aching sevdahs to Y2K turbo-folk sound, electronic new wave, and long-forgotten gems.


  1. Ej, od kod sam se rodio - Sinan Sakić

  2. Oketano Nano Odoja Čaj - Esma Redžepova

  3. Zar za mene nema srece - Šemsa 

  4. Balkan - Seka Aleksić

  5. Zatvorite vrata od kafane - Rade Lacković

  6. Djem - Plevna ft. Suce Fraga 

  7. Mišići - Senidah 

  8. Zdele - Suce Fraga ft. Emilie Pria 

  9. Halim Guelil - Acid Arab ft. Cheb Halim

  10. Your Dream - Masumi Hara

  11. Yali Yali - Altin Gün

  12. Poslednje većer - Dragana Mirković

  13. Mugurii - Formatia Aburitii

  14. Komfortzona - Macha Ravel 

  15. Black Sea - Anatolien Weapons

  16. Udrio Mujo - Lepa Brena

  17. Zajedno srećni - Boban Petrović

  18. Aishinko - Bulgarian Voices Berlin