Come, let me show you around | Luwei

With Luwei

‘Come, Let Me Show You Around' is a radio show dedicated to exploring the diverse musical landscapes from around the globe. The show delves into music that holds special significance to our guests, showcasing tracks from their hometowns or places that have musically inspired them. This approach not only highlights curated playlists but also opens up discussions about cultural backgrounds, personal narratives, and the impact of heritage on the music presented.

In our upcoming episode, presented at Refuge Worldwide, we feature the founder of the show, Luwei. A DJ with roots in Sichuan, China, and now based in Milan/Berlin, Luwei will take us on an auditory journey through the music of Sichuan. This episode promises to be a deep dive into the sounds and stories of Luwei's homeland, offering listeners an intimate glimpse into the musical heritage of Sichuan.