With Tom Peters, and Bertolt Meyer

Born out of Tom ‘Black Peters’ long-standing residency at iconic Berlin club, ://about:blank, the DESSERT label continues the adventurous ethos of the events and radio shows with a broad range of sounds and characters.

As the name suggests, DESSERT nights create a space for friends to meet, dance and network after dinner. In a different way, the label and radio show does the same. Peters curates it with organic relationships in mind, relishing the chance to give deserving artists—in particular those from minority backgrounds—a chance to shine.

The musical menu includes everything from melodic techno to indie dance and darker club sounds, spanning the full spectrum you might hear at one of Peters’ club nights. With a sharp ear and open mind, his ten years of curating DESSERT has brought together some of electronic music’s brightest talents, and shows no signs of slowing down. Without further ado, DESSERT is served.