Tom Peters

Bertolt Meyer is a professor at the Institute of Psychology at Chemnitz University of Technology. He is also a DJ, producer and avowed modular enthusiast, who was born without his lower left arm.

Instead of allowing this to hinder his creative pursuits, he hacked a prosthetic to create something truly special.

Having found his original prosthetic hand impractical for controlling his modular setup, Meyer began researching the possibilities of improving his creative experience by essentially shortening the signal flow between mind and action. The result is what he refers to as his ‘Syn-limb’ - a hacked prosthetic built with the help of Christian Zollner at KOMA Elektronik and his husband Daniel Theiler, which allows Meyer to control some parameters of his modular setup with muscular signals sent directly from his mind.

As an artist, Meyers makes dynamic, emotive house and techno with dancefloors in mind. His debut release ‘Walk The Night’ on DESSERT encapsulates his truly unique approach in the form of two club-ready productions, with a remix courtesy of Hannes Bieger. His second EP entitled ‘Focal Drift’ is already scheduled to follow shortly after.

In creative terms, Meyers prefers the controlled limitations of the modular over the overwhelmingly open-ended possibilities of a DAW. What makes his relationship with his modular setup unique is that Meyers is not only controlling it - he is an essential part of it. Through his live performances and creative output, Meyers highlights the possibilities of creating and controlling music using the mind as a direct source of input. He is an artist who embodies the limitless potential at the intersection of technology and human creativity.