Concentric Records | Youka Snell

With Concentric Records

KISMET is a monthly radio showcase around CONCENTRIC RECORDS’ label roster and associated artists, confronting unexpected musical journeys within the realm of ambient music & cross-genre. Meaning fate or destiny, Kismet is popularly used to refer to something that one believes was “meant to be”— or the reason why such a thing happened. The show is curated by label owners Born In 1986 and Simone Merli (Soundwalk Collective).

Youka Snell is a violinist, shamisen player, vocalist and composer/arranger based in Berlin. A traverser of musical disciplines, Youka is just as at home on stage thrashing out psychedelic shamisen music as she is burrowed in the studio arranging for a film soundtrack or playing violin in a jazz string quartet. Youka brings her cultural and musical roots to this mix, a contemplative exploration of Asia-Pacific instrumental music linking Japanese early music, Asian traditional music, contemporary classical & experimental composers, to modern instrumental artists.