Communication is Key

With Henry Weekes

Communication is Key is a radio show that showcases spontaneity and communication through music. The show is centred around unique improvised live-sessions between artist Henry Weekes and a handful of musicians from different musical backgrounds and cultures with the aim of creating unique spontaneous musical moments for Refuge Worldwide. In this episode, Henry shares recent experiences with friends and family, pulling together field recordings, voice notes and music that reflects the collective awakening felt during the Berlin spring.

For this episode, Henry has also invited modular synth player Jake Mayhew and Nadya Albertsson to perform a live-session for the show.

Jake Mehew is a composer, performer, producer, DJ, radio presenter and founder of record label Mindspace Records, based in Leeds UK. Jake's work combines principles of free improvisation, with the technical considerations of the avant-garde, combining acoustic instruments, modular synthesisers and samplers to create rich, meditative soundscapes that envelope the audience within an immersive quadraphonic sound field.

Growing up in Stockholm and currently based in Berlin, Nadya Albertsson honed her craft studying music in Aberdeen. Through living in Scotland, she started working with Scott Bathgate and Rebecca Vasmant and will be releasing her debut album later this year.