Autobahn Takeover | Xolita

With Autobahn

Berlin-based duo Xolita is one half is solo artist/producer Omen and the other half M. W. Zapata who one will often find behind the mixer at local venues.

Straight from the heart of Berlin's DIY community, AUTOBAHN takes over the radio station and shoots with 5 hours of underground music, weird talk, and loads of nonsense.


Kallista Kult - The Earth Did a Line

Hiro Kone - Outside the Axiom (feat. Little Annie)

Omen - People (Wilted Woman Remix)

Delroy Edwards - Smooth Street

Blaq Hammer - Plastic Coffin

Innsyter - Cut Eleven

Zombie Zombie - The Beach

Ece + Stefan - Love Street no. 90

Xolita - Ragatron

Panoptique - Slippery

Jean-Luc - HdF

Innsyter - Local Fantasy

Nina Harker - Crepuscùlo

El Sueño de Alí - A dónde (1991)